I'm Christine, product manager who loves building products that help people find flow. This is a portfolio of writings, product resources, and art musings.

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What Makes Product Feel AliveThe Rubber Band Theory of Customer DelightWin More Product Home Runs with Blumhouse’s Micro-budget ModelHow to Use Psychographic Segmentation to Win Early Adopters
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Top resources for product managers

As product management becomes an increasing popular career, this space has become saturated with content. Here, I filter out the noise and share the essential readings on the fundamentals of product management, plus some quality resources about software business, entrepreneurship, and the internet economy in general.
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Product management fundamentals
The foundations of a product management career - Marty Cagan summarized the fundamental questions (and answers) about the role of a PM, what responsibilities are involved, and what it takes to be a good one.Hacking your product leader career - by Gibson Biddle, accompanying video of workshop hereShape up - Basecamp's unique process of designing and shipping products that matterGood product manager, bad product manager - a classic piece by Ben Horowitz. It's written over 20 years ago so take what's relevant to you todayHow to write a good product requirement document - Martin Cagan, Silicon Valley Product GroupMinimum viable product manager - Brandon Chu maps the set of skills to focus (and not focus on) for a generalist PMHow to hire a product manager - another classic piece on the role of PM and how to find a good one by Ken NortonHow to develop product judgement - Intercom's Paul Adams breaks down how to develop product judgement through direct user engagement

Product design
Product design = mission, vision, architecture - approaching design as a multi-layered process, from outcome to visual by Intercom's Paul AdamsUsing game design to design delightful products - Superhuman's Rahul Vohra explains how to make software that feels like playBuilding for power users - how to build software power users that satisfies the need for configuration while is still fun to useHow to work with designers - Julie Zhuo (ex-Facebook) outlines how to best leverage designers' value

Product strategy
DHM model - how to use DHM "delight customers in hard-to-copy, margin-enhancing ways" to formulate product strategyDerisk product strategy - a strategy should come with a hypothesis and clear OKRs for success, giving it space for agilityThe conservation of attractive profits - Using Netflix as a model to demonstrate how modularizing and commoditizing an integrated system captures new valueAggregation theory - how aggregators dominate a market by commoditizing suppliers and aggregating all users

Product market fit
Where to Go After Product-Market Fit - an interview with Marc AndreessenZero to product market fit - getting from 0 to 1 by Andrew ChenThe only thing that matters - Marc Andreessen's infamous essay about why market matters the mostHow to quantitatively build a PMF engine - Superhuman's product market fit engine


I'm Christine, a product manager who loves building products that help people find flow. I'm currently designing enterprise healthcare products at PointClickCare. I'm based in Toronto, but always dreaming about obscure places to travel to. When I'm not obsessing over product, I'm learning about film-making and digital illustration. Here's my Notion template for productivity dashboard, feel free to duplicate.

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